An Explanation & Overview of a Football Federation’s National Set Up.

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Over the course of this piece of writing I will attempt to provide a quick overview of the footballing landscape of Morocco in terms of both recreational and elite (development) environments. Zooming in with an evaluating scan I came across a number of key components including; Government of Football including the importance of National Youth Teams and Coach Education Pathways.


Government of Football: 

Let’s start by discussing the government of football, which in my definition concerns the organisational structure from Local (community and council Initiatives) to Regional (Boys Clubs) to Club Academies and National youth team set ups. The Football Pyramid is constructed of multiple layers with grassroots football as a fundament primary stage, followed by the numerous small sided organised games 5 v 5, 7 v 7, 9 v 9 up until the Elite U19/20/21 Top League, with the National Pathway into Senior and/or 1st Team Football residing at the top of the pyramid.

Of course there are a number of components which must be in place to help enable this infrastructure including appropriate facilities and most importantly, educated coaches. ‘Facilities’ are vast and varied which include; all public parks available for playing football, open school facilities, community pitches open for playing recreational football, local youth clubs facilities, club academy pitches and indoor facilities. The coach education system ensures the quality of the coaches teaching football who are after all, responsible for educating the kids and young players. Coaching children how to play football the right way: trying to score one goal more than the opponent together in an enjoyable environment.


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