How the Secrets of Success can lead to Coaching Failure

Success.   It is the word that motivates many players and coaches worldwide at all levels of the game.  From the volunteer coaches running amateur teams to experienced managers chasing domestic and continental honours. Striving to accomplish your individual aims and objectives are the core of a football persons DNA.

The desire for continual improvement takes players and coaches on a journey out-with their own environment, searching for the secrets of success.  The most obvious place to look when chasing success is to those who have achieved what you are striving for. While this thirst for knowledge is a fantastic trait to have, it is worth remembering what works elsewhere may not necessarily work for you in your own specific environment.

One such example which is evident in the modern game is the trend of coaches, from all levels, looking at top level teams as a means of bench-marking methods to use with their own teams. Sadly, there are many aspiring coaches who witness playing systems and coaching methods work for the likes of Guardiola or Mourinho and expect to achieve similar immediate success by applying them to their squad.


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