‘Skill Based Training’ together with ‘Game Based Training’

As a coach, I constantly hear the same words from many players at tournaments.

“Why do I play so well in practice but I struggle to perform well in matches?”

This statement is such a common situation, which I am sure we as coaches face from our players on a daily basis. Since coaching itself is such a complex and dynamic process in which everything is interlinked, it is often very hard to identify an isolated deficiency which we can then begin to develop. Does the issue stem from the players inability to play? Is it additional pressure from external sources? Or, can the problem be traced back to your coaching style and methods of practice?

So many factors influence how a player performs. So how can we help our athletes perform on the big stage, when the pressure is on, and they are competing at the highest level of stress and anxiety?

Can they handle their thoughts under the heat of the moment? Have we as their coach, prepared and given them the required processes to handle challenging situations? Can we equip them with the tools to overcome poor performances under pressure?


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